About Me

Hello Friend,

Like many, I left active duty service from the military (USMC, Semper Fi!) and did not know much about how to find a civilian career.  I attended the transition assistance course and they gave some good pointers, but I was on my own during most of my job hunt.  I dealt with the “head hunters” like Orion, Bradely-Morris, and Lucas Group, but was not crazy about the idea that they effectively received 10% to 15% of my first year’s salary that I would have earned had I found the job myself.  They had great connections with a few companies, which was good, but the representatives I talked to were dealing with the whole southeast region of the country and had limited options for me where I wanted to settle (Jacksonville, FL). They were useful to me no doubt (I went to many interviews and received a few offers), but it would have been at a significant cost if I took one of the jobs they offered me.

Through much diligence and hard work, I figured out the game and landed a dream-job on my own.  I am now happily employed in just the type of career I sought with a company that understands and recognizes my military experience.  It has now been several years since I left the military and as some of my former peers and superiors from the military are transitioning or preparing to transition to civilian jobs, I find myself helping them out with the transition from time to time.  After sharing my experiences and helping a few friends polish their resumes, I realized I could help more people by putting some tips online and offering more detailed

Whereas the “headhunters” focus on finding the right people for specific jobs within the companies they represent, I wanted to focus on individuals and provide a service to them, no matter what company they end up working for.  Living near NAS Jacksonville, I hope I will be able to provide assistance to as many people as possible.  I wish you the best in your search for your dream job!  Always keep your ears open for opportunities!


Peter Vergenz


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